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On her visit to Dublin, Merkel went out of her way to say she would work "until the last hour" to try and ensure an orderly Brexit for the UK. She is not going to let a few months stand in the way of either an orderly Brexit or no Brexit at all.

Of course any extension requires unanimity and only one country could block it. At the moment France is the country making the most disgruntled noises, and the most likely to block an extension. But to what purpose? A No deal Brexit is in no ones interest, and it seems highly unlikely May's deal could be passed in a week.

A strong showing by Remain supporters in the EP elections could undermine the whole rationale for Brexit and puncture the Brexiteer's balloon. Of course a formal referendum or general election would be preferable but the former would be like asking May to commit political suicide, and the latter would take longer to organise.

But there is a process underway and some progress has been made, with May accepting the UK would have to hold, at a minimum, EP elections and accepting that the Withdrawal Agreement is now set in stone. Wait a little longer and a general election or formal confirmation vote may not be far behind.

If a No deal Brexit is to occur, it must be a UK choice. That would enable the EU to play really hard ball in any trade or other negotiations to come.

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