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According to Wiki the Lib Dems have 11 MPs and their Membership numbers are near an all-time high. Obviously Vince Cable is past his sell by date and I'm not sure they have any good alternatives to replace him with - hence my wondering whether Heidi Allen is a potential "unification candidate" especially if more Tories come across.  In polls including the Independent Group they are polling roughly level with the Independent group (6-10%) and slightly ahead of UKIP.

All of this tells us nothing about likely turnout in an EP election which will highlight the Tory's failure to "deliver Brexit" or negotiate a "good deal". However they seem to be similar pro-business, pro-EU, Tory lite parties with not a lot of potential policy rifts to separate them.  Personality differences are another matter, of course... and they do need a good media performer as a leader.

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