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And I have to agree that most of his "base" probably don't. Trump learned early that its not what you actually do in office that matters, but how you emote and what you are seen to be trying to do.

So Trumps shenanigans over the wall matter, even if less than a mile is actually built. I recall reading analyses that his supporters didn't actually expect the Mexicans to pay for it and will settle for more anti-Mexican rhetoric and some trade restrictions to vent their hostility.

Trump's base is about emotional satisfaction, and his rallies supply that. Even his failures - mirroring their own - will just feed their paranoia that "the elite" is against them and increase their identification with him. Democratic angst and anger is grist to their mill.

Trump hasn't actually done much, except appoint lunatic judges, pass tax cuts for the wealthy, and tear up trade and disarmament agreements none of them understand anyway. So long as the economy holds up he is safe, providing the authoritarian strong-man image and tribal leadership they crave. A war would actually help his cause, and failing that, lots of disputes with foreigners.

And all the while the USA is in relative decline...

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