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Empirical evidence in O-I Psychology: needs more fMRI, possibly AI

PNAS | The mixed effects of online diversity training

We present the results of a large field experiment* with an international organization testing whether a short online diversity training can affect attitudes and workplace behaviors.
Recent meta-analyses* suggest that diversity training can be effective with stronger effects on cognitive learning and weaker effects on attitudinal and behavioral measures, albeit with significant heterogeneity (6⇓-8).
"women and minorities" edition
Racial bias** acknowledgment.

We also asked participants questions about perceptions of their own bias and their perceptions of other people's biases with regards to racial stereotyping. The questions we asked were as follows: "To what extent do you believe that you exhibit racial stereotyping?" and "To what extent do you believe that the average person exhibits racial stereotyping?" Participants responded to each question on a scale from 1 (Not at all) to 7 (Very Much). We again calculated the difference between these two items to measure participants' willingness to acknowledge that their own racial biases may match those of the general population.

* a "webinar"; ** here, propounding personal prejudice, "stereotyping", "profiling" rather than research sampling errors

Finally Some Robust [not really] Research Into Whether "Diversity Training" Actually Works - Unfortunately It's Not Very Promising
critique of survey design and results, not "self-selection"

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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The science of dying
What does quantum physics have to do with the soul?

Not only theologians and esotericists, but also physicists have dealt intensively with the mysterious phenomena of near-death experiences. The basis for a "physically describable soul" is the quantum physical phenomenon of entanglement. Albert Einstein already discovered this strange effect, but dismissed it as a "spooky distant effect". According to it, two entangled particles behave like a pair of twins regardless of the real distance. If the property of a particle is determined by a measurement, the quantum state of the partner particle is also determined immediately.

Numerous quantum physicists today take the view that this effect actually exists. As with particles, there is a dualism between body and soul. But when the question is asked whether quantum physics can "prove" the existence of a human soul, it boils down to a question of faith, whether it is scientifically or religiously motivated.

Transporter, five to beam up.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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