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Tusk's advocacy in the Council nullified A.50 TEU exit ("default"). EU Council has effectively vacated A.50(3).

To the extent that UK gov fails to agree and ratify the parties' Withdrawal Agreement as is, details of UK domestic politics are actually irrelevant ... until further notice, as Zygmunt Baumann would say.

heh. I doubt EU gov would penalize UK, if it did not participate in EU elections. UK antagonists have nothing to lose now and much to gain by messing with EU budget.

Tusk's solution has realized de facto A.50 revocation by UK gov. All of UK remains in the market and union. After all, nothing in terms of UK membership  --except Council privileges, theorticaly-- has changed since 29 March 2017, not even the legitimacy of EU Withdrawal Bill provisions enacted by UK parliament under to TEU review.  

VARADKER: "We tend to operate by consensus and certainly that can take time and sometimes it is messy but it's actually how the European Union works and it's why it works, and if one country was to veto an extension and, as a result, impose hardship on us, real problems for the Dutch and Belgians and French as neighbouring countries ... they wouldn't be forgiven for it and they would know they might find themselves on the other end of that veto power in the future - so it is extremely unlikely that I could see any country vetoing it."
bit late for that prediction, mate

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
by Cat on Wed Apr 10th, 2019 at 01:36:07 PM EST

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