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Donald Trump on tour
A chara, - Kathy Sheridan's piece on Donald Trump's visit to England is a well-written article ("Trump has already reduced Britain to vassal status", Opinion & Analysis, June 5th).

However, coming from a small country well used to humiliation by the greater powers around us, there is not a small amount of schadenfreude associated with seeing the UK similarly abused. One wonders where exactly "taking back control" morphed into becoming a Trump vassal state, with Buckingham Palace used as a helipad for the US embassy and venue for a Trump family Downton Abbey-themed holiday adventure.

The policy content of the visit seems to have been confined to telling the British who should become their next prime minister (Boris Johnson), who should lead their next Brexit negotiations (Nigel Farage), insulting the mayor of London Sadiq Khan as a "stone-cold loser", and telling the British that the promised terrific trade deal with the US would require opening up the NHS to US private venture capital takeover, and the UK food market to chlorinated chickens. Can you imagine the Brexiteer outrage had Jean-Claude Juncker even hinted at such things?

President Michael D Higgins was otherwise engaged criticising Trump's "regressive and pernicious decision to leave the global Paris Agreement" and stating that those at risk of exclusion from society were "being abandoned to become the prey of xenophobes, homophobes and racists". Could there have been a message for Mr Trump in there somewhere? - Yours, etc,


Unfortunately they left out a few key words and sentences, but the general sense remains - other than the implication in my letter that the Irish treatment of Trump was far less than the state banquet he was afforded in the UK.

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You are well on your way to becoming a regular contributor to the Irish Times :)
Well done Frank!
by Bernard on Fri Jun 7th, 2019 at 06:24:38 PM EST
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