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Brexit hardliners have long argued that Ireland will be so scared of the damage a no-deal exit would do to the Irish economy that it will tell the EU to back down on the most controversial part of the withdrawal agreement -- the so-called Irish border backstop. The measure is unpopular in the U.K. because it would keep the U.K. tied to EU trading rules indefinitely unless another solution is found."

Isn't the whole point of "the backstop" that it is only to be a backstop and only to be used in the virtually impossible and, actually, unimaginable case that some other solution to divided Ireland is not found? In other words, if half as much energy had been spend on finding that other magical solution, then the backstop would already be a moot point.

Maybe everybody in the UK will be so overjoyed to have BoJo in office that they will be able to throw the DUP overboard, cast NI adrift, let Ireland unite, and then follow their own English path back to the 1950s.

by asdf on Thu Jul 11th, 2019 at 07:08:06 PM EST

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