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Indeed a more than average article ... Der Spiegel is known for pushing an agenda, so who knows the real order of affairs during the talks and the MEP votes. Fran's post and article just blew away my new diary to be with the title:

Macron's Symbolism of Quattre Julliet


European Defense Pact: Macron and Von Der Leyen

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Von der Leyen had the declared backing of the three mainstream, pro-EU groups -- the center-right European People's Party, the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats (S&D), and the centrist-liberal Renew Europe group.

However, the S&D group was sharply divided over whether to back von der Leyen, with the French,  German, Austrian, Belgian, Dutch, and Greek delegations all saying in an internal group meeting that they would vote against her, according to a party official. The Spanish and Portuguese delegations, pressed by Prime Ministers Pedro Sánchez and António Costa, said they would vote in favor.

In a sign of how thin and fragile her mandate appeared, she also immediately faced questions about the possibility that her majority, which included the support of some British MEPs, would effectively evaporate in the event that the U.K. completes its departure from the EU.

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