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If an Irish person, or, I suspect, a person from most other EU states had been nominated for President of the Commission, you can be sure they would have had the support of at least all of their own government MPs and MEPs, and probably of the national opposition as well. There would have been a lot of pride that "one of our own" had gotten the top job, and even the opposition would have suffered from a public backlash if they hadn't supported a compatriot.

In typically German fashion, not only did VDL fail to get unanimous support from German CDU members, most of the German opposition voted against her as well. She only got her narrow majority because Spanish and Portuguese socialists, and most to the EPP and Liberal groups from other countries supported her.

Much of this may have been pique that the Spitzenkandidat system had been overturned by the EU Council. For some a desire to show the EP isn't just a rubber stamp for Council decisions. But it may also herald a time when the Commission and Council can no longer take EP support for their proposals for granted.

VDL will have to work hard to ensure that not only the Council but the EP is on board with the policy agenda she sets out. National Commission nominees could be in for a rough ride if there are too many men who are not obviously well qualified for the job. Overall it bodes well for increased scrutiny by and accountability to a Parliament with a large oppositional element.

It sounds better than Boris threatening to prorogue parliament in order to thwart its opposition to a no deal Brexit.

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