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Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man: A Profile of Boris Johnson
(by Toby Young)
His lack of preparedness seemed less like evidence of his own shortcomings as a debater and more a way of sending up all the other speakers, as well as the pomposity of the proceedings. You got the sense that he could easily have delivered a highly effective speech if he'd wanted to, but was too clever and sophisticated - and honest - to enter into such a silly charade. To do what the other debaters were doing, and pretend he believed what was coming out of his mouth, would have been patronising. Everyone else was taking the audience for fools, but not him. He was openly insincere and, in being so, somehow seemed more authentic than everyone else.

[...] While the rest of us were works-in-progress, vainly trying on different personae, Boris was the finished article.

by das monde on Sun Jul 28th, 2019 at 12:28:30 PM EST

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