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In the image of his favorite fascist leader Der Trumpf, Brazil's government has pushed for a new law to evict U.S. citizen Glenn Greenwald  ...

Justice Minister Sergio Moro wants Brazil to deport "dangerous foreigners." Observers believe that the threat is aimed at the US journalist Glenn Greenwald, whose Intercept has aggressively reported on Moro's conduct.

The Brazilian justice minister's dubious deportation decree | DW |

'The US position'

Under Moro's decree, people denied permission to remain would have to formally object within 48 hours -- rather than the 60 days currently allotted. The decree would also allow for deportations should authorities allege that people may pose a danger to the country. The law would even permit deportations based on intelligence by foreign agencies.

Thiago Amparo, a law professor who works with the FGV education foundation, called Moro's decree problematic in that it "prevents immigrants from making use of their rights." Amparo said Brazil was echoing the "tough anti-immigrant rhetoric" of the regimes in the United States, Poland and Hungary.


A major foe of President Jair Bolsonaro's is the US investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald, whose platform, The Intercept, recently leaked chat conversations that cast a particularly bad light on Moro and the investigators involved in Operation Car Wash, which led to the imprisonment of the wildly popular former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

The chats published by The Intercept showed Moro, a judge at the time, communicating with officials involved with the dubious prosecution of Lula in a corruption case that eventually led to his being declared ineligible to run for the presidency in 2018. Bolsonaro, who had polled weakly against Lula, eventually won the election in a runoff and installed Moro as his justice minister.

Greenwald reported that the chats were provided by an anonymous source. But over the weekend Bolsonaro and several minsters demanded the journalist be jailed. They allege that Greenwald had orchestrated a hacking operation through which the chat conversations became public. The president has complained that under current laws Greenwald cannot be deported as he has two adopted Brazilian children, and has labeled the journalist a "villain."

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