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Sites using Facebook 'Like' button liable for data, EU court rules
Under EU data protection law [GDPR], therefore, a European retailer and the US platform are jointly responsible for gathering the data and sending it to Facebook's Irish subsidiary.
Rather interesting relation of equitable relief to disclosures of "legitimate interest" in IPR. I wonder idly, how deep this reasoning might eventually reach into EU employment case law, or not as was the case for severing "joint employer" free speech rights in the US (advanced SCOTUS union busting). An analogy between "controlling" interests shared by jurisdiction is weak atm.
Judgment in Case C-40/17
The operator of a website that features a Facebook 'Like' button can be a controller jointly with Facebook in respect of the collection and transmission to Facebook of the personal data of visitors to its website
With regard to the cases in which the processing of data is necessary for the purposes of a legitimate interest, the Court finds that each of the (joint) controllers, namely the operator of a website and the provider of a social plugin, must pursue a legitimate interest through the collection and transmission of personal data in order for those operations to be justified in respect of each of them.

Supreme Court Denies Review of FLSA Joint-Employer Test

Schrems I, Schrems II
Responsibility comes with ticket sale

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