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Enemy of the People
In pushing the bill forward, the chairman skirted committee rules allowing [?] for amendments and requiring [?] minority participation in certain actions, including to end debate [?!]. "What am I supposed to do?" asked [Lindsey Graham Cracker]. "We have a right to vote."
OBAMA "era" Reid Rule, alias "nuclear option". Is this reporter mental?
Among other changes, the legislation would restructure asylum law to have applicants apply in Mexico and other countries, rather than when they arrive at the U.S. border, and bring on 500 new immigration judges to help process the backlog of cases.
2014: Honduras wants 'mini-Marshall plan' for U.S. aid on migrants
"Hernandez said Washington should help Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras fight gangs ...The United States deported a planeload of women and children to Honduras on Monday."
2019: Inside Donald Trump's migration pact with the Guatemalan president
"On July 26th Mr Trump at last got the deal he has long coveted: a safe-third country agreement with Guatemala."
After Guatemala, U.S. seeks migration deals with Honduras, El Salvador
"United States is pursuing 'similar agreements' with Honduras and El Salvador"
Who pays for that?
On Saturday, the president signed a letter of intent to cooperate with Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández. ... The president signed a deal with El Salvador President Nayib Bukele in late June, and Ebrard said the administration would offer the same investment to Guatemala after the second round of the country's presidential elections in August."
Senate rules were changed [2013] to allow faster confirmation of Trump's judicial nominees [no], and confirming Kavanaugh and filling court vacancies with Trump's picks [no] has been a top accomplishment of the Republican-led Senate.
Two-year budget pact clears Senate, ending fiscal 2020 impasse, 1 Aug 2019

archived gits
Democratic Party agreed to alter senate rules
The Republican Party is in majority in the current senate. The majority controls confirmation AND senate rules, of which cloture, of which quorum, of which filibuster ...
'Nuclear' fallout in Senate might take some time to register

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Fri Aug 2nd, 2019 at 01:30:19 AM EST
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