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Easy win ... who are the Tory party members?

More than half the members are over 55 years old | BBC News |
OMG Britain's Tories are SO OLD | Politico - Oct. 2017 |

Male, southern and middle-aged: meet the Tories choosing the next PM | The Guardian |

If they love their party, Conservative members have an unusual way of showing it. According to a survey by YouGov, 54% of party members say they would rather see their own party destroyed than have Brexit not take place. Sixty-one per cent would prefer to see "significant damage to the UK economy" and 63% would consider Scotland leaving the United Kingdom to be a price worth paying.

The extraordinary hardening of attitudes looks to have coincided with the party's membership increasing by 36,000 to 160,000 in the year to May 2019, raising questions about whether the ranks have been swelled by entryists with more hardline views.

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