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If the MPs really have the courage they can possibly bypass the zombie government by appointing someone to deliver a revoke notice to the EU in the name of the Crown. That would be under a scenario that grows likelier by the day: No-deal or Revoke/Remain.

The parties are aligning along those lines accordingly to survive. The Tories under Johnson faster than Labour - I think their guy is just slow.

Regardless of whether criticisms of Corbyn's handling of Labour are unfair or not, this age is not forgiving to political losers. So the point is to do everything necessary to win. Johnson is angling to win a post-Crash-Brexit majority and start his hard-right colonization project - according to models a surprisingly likely prospect. Presumably Corbyn is gunning for his own post-Crash majority. But how? Remain alliance, shift to center? Wait until Johnson has turned everyone miserable? That'd defeat the whole purpose of the party and as mentioned, losers don't really have a say. I don't like to say this: maybe he has grown too comfortable with the role of the principled loser over the decades?

btw I can't see the first whatsapp picture whatever it is.

Schengen is toast!

by epochepoque on Sun Aug 4th, 2019 at 02:55:35 PM EST
I think sending a notice while the Tories still have a nominal majority is unconvincing. There should at least be a lost VONC on the table before some other attempt at a government tries to take over.

Also, asking for a delay while a GE is held is more convincing than outright Revoke. Of course Revoke is the sensible option. But the correct forms need to be observed, and that means going through a PV before getting to Revoke.

Corbyn's position is complicated. Coming out as an outright Remain party would be electoral suicide - not by much, but certainly by enough to guarantee that the next election wouldn't just be lost, but would be lost by a large enough margin to make Labour irrelevant.

Of course this is exactly what Corbyn's many opponents want. Brexit is a perfect wedge issue for them, and the LibDems are happy to play their usual role of keeping Labour out of power while making promises about being The Remain Party, which are rather meaningless in practice.

Corbyn isn't helped by not being a typical career politician alpha bullshitter. He's more interested in policy than point scoring - which is very laudable, but it isn't what British voters are used to from a leader.

The bottom line is that whatever happens has to at least appear legitimate. The Right aren't particularly troubled by legitimacy, because they can always point to the original referendum result. But Remain are constrained by it, so any move towards Remain has to follow those correct forms.

by ThatBritGuy (thatbritguy (at) googlemail.com) on Sun Aug 4th, 2019 at 05:38:05 PM EST
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To only way I can see revoke becoming an option without a referendum is if (i) a party wins a GE on an explicitly Remain/revoke platform, or (ii) an election is in the offing and the EU Council refuse a further extension. Then revoke would be the only way to keep all options open for the incoming government.

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