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I've come to think about it more as financial engineering than normal engineering. Loosing on every sale, but making it up on volume. Fracking has a horizon of about three years till production craters yet none of it will make money unless oil prices rise significantly. And they just keep drilling. It's even less likely than Uber's flying robot taxis or anything Elon Musk keeps ranting about. For all I know the material resources of our society are handed out on the basis of winning the coke line race on Epstein's rape island.

But to come back to fracking in the KSA: No idea about the geology, but I'd assume the enormous amounts of water that would require might be prohibitive. And even if they go for it, because nothing matters I'd expect they'd need the IPO first. A fraud of the scale of fracking in the middle of the Saudi desert would need a lot of money boys on board to not be laughed out of the room.

by generic on Wed Aug 21st, 2019 at 07:49:35 AM EST
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