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My first reaction: indeed interesting times, however I don't agree Saudi Arabia is on board! Haven't seen the signs MBS has made such a move. Saudi Arabia, UAE and Israel were the driving force to rid the White House of Democrats because of the Iran deal. The hundreds of millions were spend in support of getting a Republican elected ... that has been my analysis from January 2017. To blame Russia and Putin was a ploy and decoy to hide the truth.

From Sept. 2015, Russia entered the civil war or sectarian war by proxy mercenaries in Syria on the side of Assad. That decision caused huge waves in the region. The ties between Israel and the Arabs of the Arabian desert were strengthened after the Obama White House pushed through the Iran nuclear deal.

With the "Arab Uprising" in North African states and later in Syria, there was a struggle for power between Qatar/Turkey - Musim Brotherhood and KSA/UAE as the Salafist Islamic states. The role of Turkey was pivotal. Putin managed to loosen the ties of Erdogan's Turkey [NATO member] from the West, both the EU and the US.

Saudi Arabia has spend hundreds of millions to bribe authoritarian leaders of Muslim nations in the region to join an Islamic version of a military defense pact such as NATO had established. That failed as the most populous states like Turkey and Pakistan wavered. Recently there has been a split between the UAE and KSA as seen with the withdrawal of the mercenaries of the Emirates from the Yemen War of atrocities. The flow of arms and munities from especially the UK and US continued although criticism has grown louder in the West.

Russia is not capable to finance such support nor the military means to play a major role in the Persian Gulf. All signs pont to an extension of the US military presence by deploying its Navy in the Persian Gulf but also stationing 5,000 men on Saudi soil. This has been always a contentious remedy in the Saudi Kingdom as we remember from the First Gulf War. The rise to villain of the West by name of Saudi son Osama bin Laden was the result.

The ill fated role of the United States in the region of the Persan Gulf since 1979 and the Islamic Revolution of Khomeini has seen a titanic shift of allegiances. The Western inspired CENTO states to insulate Saudi Arabia from Communism {Pact of Baghdad] has fully collapsed. The Half Moon of the Iranian axis has been completed and runs from Teheran through Baghdad-Damascus to Beirut.

The US has become the global supplier of fossil fuels and has no dependency of oil transported from the Gulf countries. Japan, India and China are fully dependent on this source and will do everything to get the oil from Iran flowing freely. China has no democracy and has no need to set policy for the short term of 4-5 years but sets policy for future generations.

I'm sure the US and now the UK after Brexit will join forces in a last attempt to counter the Chinese influence and expansion not only for oil, but it has invested heavily in the failed states of the African continent. The new Silk Routes have cost China billions and is well underway for further expansion into Eastern Europe as well.

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.

by Oui on Tue Aug 20th, 2019 at 04:52:36 AM EST

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