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Quite a long article. One curious omission is the Saudi debacle in Yemen. The Houthis have now actually taken territory inside KSA and have shown they have the capacity to hit targets up to 1200km inside the country.  While I find the take on MoA overly triumphant the situation is dire for the coke prince.
Many of the points raised in the article directly relate to that conflict: The guarantee from Pakistan is in doubt, they refused to have any part in the Yemen conflict, the Saudi deficit is to a large extent used on the war. It also fails to mention that the UAE's interests are mainly confined to the South around Aden while the KSA wants the region near its borders. It's a valid strategic move for the UAE to fully support the separatists in the south and let the Saudi's fail on their own. UAE drawdown in Yemen raises hopes of ceasefire this year - Reuters
Abu Dhabi said its decision to remove troops and hardware deployed for an offensive last year on Hodeidah was taken more than a year ago in coordination with Riyadh.

But the UAE remains part of the coalition command structure, will continue to back some 90,000 Yemeni troops it has armed and trained, and will maintain counter-terror operations in Yemen, a diplomat and a Gulf source said.

The coalition's limited military gains have been achieved by UAE-backed Yemeni forces that seized the southern port of Aden, now the headquarters of the government, and some coastal towns. The Houthis control Sanaa, Hodeidah and most urban centers.

They would be happy with Aden and the islands they stole.
There is also little prospect of anyone saving them. Even leaving the US aside, the "major" European are a mess. Neither the Macron nor the Boris regime have the legitimacy to spare to get further involved in an already unpopular war. An even the US senate tried to defund it.
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