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Although I've only read the excerpts, the main points of the theses studiously avoid discussion of intermediate goods and services (value, process, people) in hydrocarbon supply chains. The scenarios advanced rely on readers' limited knowledge of marketing--crude grades (value, volume), refining capacities (MNC, national, H or V combinations), and distillates' applications demand, for example. Every "player" identified began diversifying production in the chain, like, more than a decade ago.

Add to these considerations of value bilateral FX and newly weighted and volatile, yet acknowledged, SDR credit; costs of marginal extraction from remote fields; fossil fuel demand destruction. OPEC + Russia are manipulate supply to PROP UP prices (spot, forward).

MBS undermined long-term, remedial KSA capital planning, eg. The IPO wtf, by entering a "stupid" war with the Houthi and untold indenture to US-UK pirates. Doubtless, US-UK envoys punked his personality ahh weaknesses.

US claims to market leader (share, vol, val) are overstated, given demand (or lack of) for refined heavy crude (N.A. "tar sand" reservoirs) and LNG buyers. US market position is weak. That's why POTUS DOD predictably relies on military intervention to destroy competitors' P&E.

The "gordian knot" of geopolitical allegiance by petrodollar domination (hence GBP "currency manipulation") is quite tangled. But it doesn't make much sense anymore to draw conclusions from oblique G7 "virtue signaling."

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Tue Aug 20th, 2019 at 04:36:34 PM EST
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