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When the dust has settled, that may take more than a few years! Decision day will come: Oct. 31. Interesting article ...

"The cooperation between me and a fellow MEP shows that we can challenge the broken two-party system."

I'm a Brexit party MEP. With the Lib Dems, we can reboot Britain's politics  

Brexit has shattered the British postwar consensus, polarised political parties and weaponised our national conversation. Pretty much every relationship in our lives is now subject to the gravitational pull of either leave or remain. I fell into the Brexit vortex three months ago, frustrated by my perception of MPs' betrayal of the 2016 referendum, and was spat out as a Brexit party MEP. Since then I've been happy to hold the EU, government and official opposition to account.

Neither of our two major political parties have thought much beyond the immediate crisis. Both are reacting in fear of the Brexit party and Lib Dems. They are right to be scared: the Brecon and Radnorshire byelection saw Labour relegated to fourth place and the Tories losing thanks to the Brexit party. But if either think there's any chance of Britain returning to a cosy two-party duopoly, they're kidding themselves.

For all the talk of one nation Conservatism and national unity, Boris Johnson's one-dimensional government is locked and loaded on saving its own skin. "Do or die" is the only strategy open to a government that has spent three years negotiating against itself. That may be what's needed to lance the Brexit boil, but it's not a formula to engage the 48% who voted to remain, including many existing and potential supporters.

The same issue lies at the root of Jeremy Corbyn's problems. In moving towards a remain agenda, he is turning his back on 17.4 million leave voters, including huge numbers of Labour supporters.

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.
by Oui on Fri Aug 9th, 2019 at 07:38:48 AM EST

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