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No Mr. Cummings, the EU Referendum was not a free pass for a no-deal Brexit! You already lied and cheated during the campagne itself, is that the Conservative vision how a democracy should be run by misfits and mischief? Real face of USA Capitalism. A world run by oligarchs outside the realms of justice and international law.

Mr Johnson's plot to subvert democracy is more dangerous than Brexit itself | The Guardian Opinion |

The requirement that an election must be called by a government that has lost a confidence vote was "a firm convention" rather than solid legislation, as are the understandings that a government won't unreasonably delay an election and will not do anything contentious once a campaign is under way. When people refer to the British constitution, they are talking about a hotch-potch of such conventions, combined with ancient charters, precedents, international agreements, legislative bolt-ons and unwritten understandings.

The fabric of this messy tapestry is held together by a crucial thread. That is an underlying assumption that everyone can be trusted to behave in a proper way. In the absence of a formal constitution, British democracy is heavily reliant on politicians acting with honour and playing fair.

A Power Grab by Tories under leadership of Boris Johnson

What if they don't? What happens then? We may be about to find out if Boris Johnson faces a no-confidence vote this autumn, loses, refuses to quit as prime minister and barricades himself in Number 10 for long enough to force through a no-deal Brexit before an election can take place. This is a scenario so grotesque as to be scarcely believable. That doesn't make it an impossible one.

Cummings the new Rasputin is outshining Johnson as antihero-in-chief

100 Years ago ...

The Death of Grigori Rasputin - Dec. 1916

In the comparison between Rasputin and Cummings, "religious" charlatan should be placed in the contemporary "right-wing" dark forces undermining the true will of The People.

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.

by Oui on Sun Aug 11th, 2019 at 08:33:55 AM EST

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