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Bye, Bye Britain: The Dutch get ready for a Brexit party

It's undoubtedly going to be one of those "where were you?" moments. And already almost 10,000 people in the Netherlands have decided: on October 31st, irrespective of the weather, they'll be at a giant beach party, facing across the North Sea, with a band playing We'll Meet Again.

The idea of a huge European "Bye, Bye Britain" party in Wijk aan Zee, a quiet seaside village west of Amsterdam best known for its annual chess tournament, started as a bit of a joke - until suddenly it went viral on Facebook.

Now, says one of the organisers, film maker Ron Toekook, it's caught the imagination. "Because so many Dutch people live in apartments, there's a tradition here: you take your deck chair and a bottle of wine and go to the beach to watch the sun setting. Everyone does it. We love it."

The plan is for plenty of European food and drink - French wine, German beer, Dutch cheese, Belgian fries, Italian pasta, even Austrian strudel - to remind the Brits what they're giving up, all to be consumed against a soundscape of nostalgic tunes from the previous Battle of Britain.

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