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The German federal government had provided money to train an additional 900 customs officials. I suspect most of them will work at the German North Sea ports and German airports. Especially airports with a significant airfreight volume (Frankfurt, Leipzig).
Additionally plans were made so that in an emergency customs officials from "quieter" spots could be temporarily deployed to a crisis spot.

Pretty much every significant German federal ministry have their own Brexit websites and hotlines (telephone and email). Mostly dealing with questions under their overview but naturally with some overlap.
For example both foreign and interieur ministry dealing with questions of the rights of British citizens in Germany.

For businesses most of the preparations have been done by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. There are 79 in Germany and regionally organized. Membership is mandatory for businesses except self-employed, craft businesses and agriculture. These three have their own organizations.

I saw the first signs back in autumn 2017 when national newspapers first reported about it.
The chambers started organizing information events, offered hotlines and offered meetings with experts. They all put questionnaires on their websites too. Based on your input it gave you a summary of possible problems and solutions, steps you should take and offered to put you in contact with experts.

One newspaper back then in 2017 reported that roughly 25% of German businesses had already started Brexit preparations, 50% wanted to start preparations before the end of 2017 and 25% had done nothing at all at that time.
(Based on a poll of members of the Chambers.)

I suspect the offers by the Chambers were mainly used by small and mid-sized businesses. Large multinational companies probably did everything in-house.

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Standard, sensible stuff. These damned Germans are so sensible! Even the car industry has refused to panic, and they probably have a lot to panic about...

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VW is the second (after GM) producer of vehicles in China by unit vol and val.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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