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French customs ["]struggles["] to cope with no-deal Brexit planning
On 26 August, the French Council of Ministers sacked Rodolphe Gintz after two years as customs chief. Meanwhile, the French customs office is facing up to the difficulties of preparing for a `no-deal' Brexit, which would mean the return of a hard border, EURACTIV France reports.
on-the-job training
During his two-year tenure, he managed to overcome the consequences of a corruption case against his office, which was led by the national intelligence and customs investigation department. He also had to deal with the consequences of an investigation conducted by the national prosecutor's office in a case involving a speedboat, which was bought by customs.
The Replacements: "8-hour shifts"
A strategic moment

The country's economic ministry admits that Brexit represents "a strategic moment for the customs administration." However, the department is also stating that the director general's departure is part of the regular rotation of posts across administrations. It is also assuring staff that continuity has been safeguarded given that the deputy director-general is keeping his job.This period is all the more sensitive as more employees are now being called upon. Between 15 September and 15 October, specific experiments will be carried out to try to understand how, in concrete terms, a 'no-deal' Brexit will pan out.

At this stage, 700 additional customs officers are planned to manage the border, with half of them to be deployed on the Channel's coastline. The other half will be placed in airports, as well as in train stations, where the Eurostar arrives from London.

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