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Ireland raises prospect of some no-deal Brexit checks near border
on goods coming from Northern Ireland in a "no deal" scenario.

"There will be checks on goods and live animals and, as far as possible, they will take place in ports, airports and at businesses," Varadkar said in a speech in Dublin, according to a transcript sent by his office. "But some may need to take place near the border. We are working out the details of this with the European Commission."

Checks `near Irish border' in the event of a no-deal Brexit, Varadkar warns
He said the common travel area will remain in place, but outlined the changes he expects.

"There will still be plenty of food on shelves but perhaps not all of the same brands," he said."When you fly into Ireland from Britain, you will no longer pass through the blue channel.

"You will have to choose the green or red one and pay any taxes that may be due.

Taoiseach promises financial supports for Brexit hit businesses in Budget
Proposals in recent days from the Ulster Unionist Party would be considered, said Mr Varadkar. These plans suggest a new north-south ministerial body could monitor and regulate trade across the border. It also proposed the creation of an offence in British law for knowingly transporting non-compliant goods to the EU. This would be a new type of insurance policy to protect the single market, former UUP leader Reg Empey has said.

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