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Readers have been deeply skeptical of EU27 ability and willingness to enforce provisions of the WA. This, I maintain, is the result of relying almost exclusively on UK reportage which is wholly unreliable and a strange misconception that the UK would be the first third country, ever, from anywhere in the world, engaged in business with the EU.

I've responded to IE-NI (North-South) civil society/trade conferences to facilitate goods since publication of EU draft GFA protocol in '17. (See Sufficient Progress. Then as well, from time to time advisories from "government buildings" about modifications to citizens' benefits (eg. UK-Cyprus, UK-IE-NI) and port landings and deploy ~1,000 additional customs officers, while speculation poisoned the yella presses patrolling a border in the middle of the Irish Sea and bogus alternative arrangements.

tbh, telegraphing every police action to pirates hiding in the we wouldn't be the brightest strategy. Executive summary of competencies for "stakeholder", on the other hand, is always nice to know, but not mission critical.

The challenge for casually interested parties moving forward through UK separation is to record which "leaked" international customs in fact come to pass, regardless of WA ratification by UK. Like ThatBritGuy, my money's on EU finessing every.single.term of the WA set out.

Barnier informs the slow learners, again. We will only start work on alternative arrangements if the current deal is ratified. Ignorance of international law is not an affirmative defense.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Sun Sep 1st, 2019 at 08:43:32 PM EST
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