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EU 'gradual approach' to border checks in no-deal Brexit - sources
It is understood a phased approach could be taken to how a no-deal situation is managed.

This would involve an initial period during which the Irish authorities carefully assess which checks are manageable and which are politically too sensitive in the immediate aftermath of a no-deal exit.

The Government could then make an assessment after several weeks or months which would be communicated to Brussels. If there remains a gap between limited compliance and full compliance with single market and customs rules, both sides would then work on how the gap can be bridged, taking all the "specificities" of the Irish border question into account. However, it is likely that the EU would resist an open-ended time gap in compliance.

EU27 already have indicated to comical effect willingness to overlook low-value "slippage"
It needn't be pretty at first to be effective

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