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British Investment in Netherlands Surges as Brexit Looms, 9 Sep
Last year, Dutch investment in the U.K. went negative with Netherlands-based companies pulling 11 billion euros ($12.1 billion) out of the British economy. On top of the declining Dutch investment, 98 firms have relocated from the U.K. to the Netherlands since the Brexit referendum.

"The ongoing growing uncertainty [of rubber stamp extensions] in the United Kingdom, and the increasingly clearer possibility of a no-deal, is causing major economic unrest for these companies. That is why more and more companies are orienting themselves in the Netherlands as a potential new base in the European market," said Jeroen Nijland, commissioner of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency.
Sigrid Kaag, the Dutch trade minister, expressed frustration at the lack of a deal.

"At a certain moment, enough is enough. At some point the certainty offered by a worsening situation is better than continuing uncertainty with no new perspective," she told the Dutch newspaper the Financieele Dagblad.

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