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hmm, yes, well, in conclusion the opinion was quite amusing and informative as to points of law ("merits"), findings of law (citations of treaty, statutes, and case law: application to and interpretation of), findings of fact ("media" evidence LOL), and orders.

It is an easy read, although a lengthy 67 pp of NI-Eng. A good portion of this is given to loooong passages quoted from the substantive ("legal") documentary evidence--UK statutes and negotiation agreements ("construction") between UK and EU since 2017. The affect seems to have been to torture the paranormal, or psychic, abilities of the Applicants with expressed, rational intention of the controlling parties committed to existing, ie. current, written law in force. There is no "hard border."

The recitation of EUWA2018 sect. 13 is inserted, I believe, for comic relief--the establishment of "Bureaucracy" by the impotent parliament and all that.

The court dismissed all but one of the three Applicants' ("plaintiffs") arguments for relief, injunction, etc.

The plaintiffs are granted leave to appeal only questions on EUWA2018 section 10. That is indeed fertile ground to plant, so to speak, finally and indisputably the government's and parliament's duties therein and obligations to treaties, adopted by "subordinate" UK statutes--the Northern Ireland Act 1998 to GFA, in particular.

Now rises an old atty joke concerning controversy and ahh "inevitable" perennial frustration of plaintiffs with The Law: Justice may prevail but has no power to enforce itself.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Fri Sep 13th, 2019 at 03:50:37 PM EST
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