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The Tory party purge continues ...

Tories set to 'depose Speaker Bercow' in next election after his furious blast at Michael Gove

At the moment it's a tradition that no other major party runs any candidate against the Speaker, giving them a clear shot at winning.

In 2010 only Nigel Farage, then Ukip leader, and several independent candidates ran against him.

This means there's not a huge risk of the Speaker being booted out mid-way through their term in office.

But Speaker Bercow has been accused of bias and helping pro-Remain MPs from ripping up rules in the Commons to thwart Brexit.


He [Michel Gove] warned that the law risked "subverting Parliament's proper role".

But Mr Bercow snapped back:

"I have sought to exercise my judgement...

"I will do it to the best of my ability without fear or favour - to coin a phrase, come what may, do or die."

The use of Boris Johnson's own catchphrase as an insult will have irritated the Government  

Johnson refers to the historical Charge of the Light Brigade ... or rather a bit rephrased as "Do and Die".

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