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Since the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Wales, & etc. etc. is a posturing windbag.

EU officials reject Boris Johnson claim of 'huge progress' in Brexit talks

EU officials have rejected Boris Johnson's claim that "a huge amount of progress" is being made in Brexit talks ...


" ... in fact people are a bit dismayed," said one EU source, describing the mood after the latest talks. "I am not even going to call them negotiations - the last session on Friday did start touching on content - that's actually quite a step forward ... but we still should have been there a long time ago and [an end result] is still quite far away."


Johnson's latest rhetorical fancy - that, like the Incredible Hulk, the UK would break out of its "manacles" on 31 October - has further fuelled EU scepticism about his sincerity.

Describing the language as "not very surprising", the EU source said: "It all makes it look like it's a bit of a joke. We are talking about something extremely serious. The consequences of no deal will be extremely serious and it looks like this is being treated as a game in which you are the hero sort of story rather than [dealing] with real lives."

Boris is a posturing, vacuous, spoiled brat steering his country to a major disaster.

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by ATinNM on Sun Sep 15th, 2019 at 07:16:57 PM EST

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