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I remind you, that is precisely what he did not do to form the basis of his judgment of duties and obligations that he ascribed specifically to Johnson's activities and mental state.

Nor did Sumption "read" the common law of public misconduct  of which he accuses Johnson specifically or instructions for producing evidence proving it. Were magistrates and juries to rely and take for example Sumption's conclusory statements of Johnson's guilt, many more would be imprisoned in the UK.

I am unmoved by the either rumored prestige or notoriety of Sumption and Johnson. I am unmoved by MSM reportage purporting "factual analysis" of events which has drifted so far bend the pale of craven entertainments as to be incredible. As is reforming a constitution which is not formed. ## Rule of man.

I look to the merits of applicable public laws to adduce retrospectively the commission of an alleged crime or a civil violation. For this reason I produced a brief syllabus. ## Rule of law.

Which is not to assume either that every statute and trial is desirable in its construction and execution. I understand very well from my observations of and experience with (mostly civil) law enforcement in the US, that proposition is not true. I have frequently alerted readers here over the past years of actual cases, their actual dispositions, and their implications for others.

Here is the latest edition of "scandal" in public office, produced by journalists who admit their only source of "evidence" is one another. On the Mystery of the McCabe Grand Jury. I've read this story with more mundane casts of villainy than "Russiagate". The moral of the tale is, The House Always Wins.

Why? What principle(s) of US Constitution and US Code prevail?

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Sat Sep 14th, 2019 at 12:52:08 AM EST
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