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btw, the standard measure of "normal" government prep of Queen's Speech and legislative agenda  is measured in Sir John Major units of department "bids for the Bills". Moreover, government minutes exhibit government's disregard for parliamentary deliberation: "It  does not discuss what Parliamentary time would be needed to approve any new [?!] withdrawal agreement under section 13 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 and enact the necessary primary and delegated legislation."

That consideration is a bit incoherent as the PM has concluded no other agreement with the EU Council besides T. May's laid 11 March, and sec. 13 provides for approval of a negotiated "outcome" with the EU Council. EUWA-2-2019 , Pt. 2, provides only that by 30 November 2019 the Sec. of State "Report on progress of negotiations on the United Kingdom's relationship with the European Union" in the event the EU Council approves extension to 11.00pm 31 January 2020. Oddly, "The Secretary of State shall make a further report under subsection (1) at least every 28 calendar days starting on 7 February 2020 either until an agreement with the European Union is reached or until otherwise indicated by a resolution of the House of Commons."

60. ... most  tellingly of all, the  memorandum  does not  address the competing merits  of going into recess and prorogation. It wrongly gives  the  impression that  they  are much the same. The Prime Minister's reaction was to describe the September sitting as a "rigmarole". Nowhere is there a hint that the Prime Minister, in giving advice to Her Majesty, is more than simply the leader of the  Government seeking to promote its own policies; he has a constitutional responsibility, as we have explained in para 30 above.

61.It is impossible for us to conclude, on the evidence which has been put before us, that there was any reason  -let alone a good reason- to advise Her Majesty to prorogue Parliament for five weeks, from 9thor 12th September until 14th October. We cannot speculate, in the absence of further evidence, upon what such reasons might have been. It follows that the decision was unlawful.

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