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Lord Ashcroft poll finds slim majority for Irish re-unification in N. Ireland:

Narrow lead for Irish re-unification
In my poll, 45% said they would vote to stay in the UK, and 46% said they would choose to leave and join the Republic of Ireland - a lead of 51% to 49% for unification when we exclude don't knows and those who say they would not vote. This is in fact a statistical tie and well within the margin of error. Such a result might also reflect the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding Brexit, the Irish border and its potential effect on life in the province, which could recede when the outcome is settled. Be that as it may, the result underlines what could be at stake in the quest for a workable Brexit solution on the island of Ireland.

People divided predictably enough by tradition, though one in twenty self-declared unionists said they would opt for unification and a further 6% said they didn't know how they would vote. Women (13%) were much more likely than men (3%) to say they were not sure what they would do. The over-65 age group was the only one with a clear majority for staying in the union (55% to 34%); 45-64s divided evenly, and a majority of those aged up to 44 said they would vote for unification.

While only 8% of unionists said they thought such a "border poll" should take place within the next decade, one in three of them thought it was likely to happen within this timescale - as did nine in ten nationalists.

A similar Lord Ashcroft poll found a narrow majority for Scottish independence last month.

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