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Not sure I agree this is an adequate discussion. He avoids the most basic question: How could she appoint BoJo as PM without ensuring first that he had a majority in Parliament? And the corollary now: Can she ask BoJo to resign if he is found to have misled her or for the simple fact he has yet to win a vote in the House?

Could Parliament order Black Rod to refuse her admission to the Chamber to deliver "The Queen's Speech" if it has no confidence in the Government which has authored it? A Common's vote against a Queen's Speech is said to be the constitutional equivalent of a VONC, and yet it is not in the form prescribed by the FTP Act to enable a general election be called. So does it actually count?

Any Prime Minister with a shred of self-respect would have resigned by now, especially so if he loses the Supreme Court case. But Johnson shan't. Why should he? After all, its only a convention the PM requires the support of the House. Onward and downward...

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