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This election campaign has reached a new low | Ynet News Opinion |

Elections were never for those with refined tastes, but the feeling of disgust surrounding the upcoming vote is record breaking; there's no red lines left to cross, every conceivable demographic is a target for someone, and nothing is too petty for the candidates.

Like a beaten society, we've grown accustomed, accustomed to the idiotic idea of going to the polling stations yet again, because the stars didn't align for Benjamin Netanyahu and Avidgor Liberman in April.

    We've grown accustomed to everyone telling lies, for example:

    Netanyahu warned us about a left-wing government and Netanyahu also tried to broker a deal with the Labor party.

    Moshe Kahlon's party Kulanu is the sane moderate right-wing, until it gets swallowed up by the Likud, from whence it came.

    Liberman swore to form a right-wing government, and recommend Netanyahu for prime minister, just as he swore to take out the head of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh.


But all these obscene habits, the ennui, the indifference, the eye rolls - that's the easy part.

The hard part to stomach is the feeling of nausea.

The elections were never for those with refined tastes, but we still had the spiritual willingness to go and do our civil duty.

Voting for those who reflect our beliefs in the least twisted way is a hell of a task, but still the feeling of civic duty sustained us as we stepped into the voting booth.

After voting, we'd make plans for a BBQ with friends and wait for the aerial demonstration, even though it wasn't Independence Day, because despite it all, the feeling of civic duty created a feeling of accountability.

Then we watched the election results come in and either cursed or cheered.

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