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The progressive drive for egalitarianism is probably way overrated. Deep down, humans are hierarchical species as other primates. (The best evidence for that is... don't laugh or fume, but male reproductive inequality.) Both the aristocracies and the oppressed ever know their stations in evolutionary and historical continuity. Most people would rather follow, be impressed than lead, impress others. The Soviet experience (with scarcely any indebted or destitute poor, and with the party rulers not that terribly out of majority's league) shows that people rather hate equal treatment, and can't wait to get ahead of neighbors.

Like I suggested in other thread, if progressives are so much totally into egalitarianism, democracy, non-domination, poor utilitarianism, they might be dramatically knocking off the political balance by positioning themselves as  innately unattractive, hesitant, undependable wannabe leaders. Choosing and supporting leadership must be as emotional, possibly irrational matter as... it escapes me...

by das monde on Sun Sep 15th, 2019 at 06:26:05 PM EST

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