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The U.S. knows Iran did it by looking at the direction of incoming strikes ...

The Argentinians and the British have experienced the maneuver of an Exocet missile ...

An Argentine jet fighter set afire and disabled the British destroyer Sheffield in the South Atlantic | NY Times - May 1982 | [archive]

    One of the more hawkish of the Tory backbenchers, Alan Clark, who has often spoken for the Government on television in recent days, suggested that the time had come for Britain to bomb Argentina's mainland air bases. Mrs. Thatcher can expect pressure for such a tough line from other Members of Parliament as well.

During the Iran-Iraq war ... the USS Stark struck by two Exocet missiles in the Persian Gulf in May 1987.

Putin ready to solve King Salman's defense problems with delivery of S300 or S400 units.

Putin aims a weaponised barb at Trump over Saudi attack - and hits the mark | France24 |

Did a swarm of drones clutter the air defense radar of the Patriots as the second wave of cruise missiles struck their targets with GPS precision?

Costly Saudi defenses prove no match for drones, cruise missiles | Reuters |
Saudi energy minister: oil output 'back to normal' by end of month | The National UAE |

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My comrade: Russian cosmonaut hails UAE's first man in space

It's so much easier to cooperate with other nations than to bash heads in a war without end ...

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.

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