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There is a proposal in Colorado to implement "battery sharing."

"Solar panel sharing" is already in play, under this definition: homeowners buy shares in centralized solar panel installations so that the infrastructure is not on the roof of their house. Assuming that the local consumer-level grid is sufficiently robust against failure due to weather or equipment, advantages are that the centralized site is managed by experts, can be upgraded without disrupting the house, can be shared more easily if needed, can be optimally located, etc. This is pretty popular.

Battery sharing is a comparable idea, where homeowners buy shares in centralized battery installations so that the infrastructure is not in their garage. Similar arguments apply.

Colorado Springs is in the process of constructing a 25 MW battery system that will provide cost-efficient power during demand peaks. An associated proposal, still in the works, is to offer battery sharing.

by asdf on Sat Sep 21st, 2019 at 03:50:58 PM EST

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