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As Fintan O'Toole's article is behind a paywall, I reproduce below a small section which illustrated the argument some Brexiteers are making in support of accepting an imperfect Brexit deal:
The pro-Brexit Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan directly compared Theresa May's Chequers proposals of June 2018 to the approach of the pro-Treaty side in the early years of Irish independence.

"When the Irish Free State left the UK, in 1921, there were all sorts of conditions about Treaty ports and oaths of supremacy and residual fiscal payments. And what very quickly became apparent was not just that those things were unenforceable once the split had been realised; it was that everyone in Britain kind of lost interest in enforcing them.

"And although there were some difficulties along the way in the 1920s, it turned out to have been better to have grabbed what looked like an imperfect independence and then built on it rather than risking the entire process."

In this vertiginous analogy, in the 1920s and 1930s Britain is the EU and Ireland is, um, Britain. Now, the EU is Britain and Britain is Ireland.

When the room stops spinning and vision is restored, what can be focused on is the breathtaking nature of the shift in self-image. The British are now the people against whom they themselves once unleashed Oliver Cromwell and the Black and Tans, the gallant indigenous occupants of a conquered and colonised territory rising up against their imperial overlords.

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