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Me thinks one option for the House of Commons would be to vote no confidence in Boris as PM and demand his resignation, but not vote no confidence in his government in the form prescribed by the Fixed Term Parliament Act (as this would trigger the 14 day period required to expire before a general election can be called) - a general election they would very likely lose so long as the Conservatives and the Brexit Party remain united.

The thing is, a majority of the House wants Boris to resign so the Queen can nominate an alternative PM, but a majority of the House may not yet be able to agree on who that alternative PM should be. Asking the Queen to nominate an alternative takes that decision out of their hands and avoids the necessity for rebel conservatives and Lib Dems to voted for Corbyn as PM - something they would very much rather not have to do.

They could then abstain on any votes of no confidence Boris & friends might table in the New PM probably allowing him to survive with a slim majority again not having to vote for Corbyn. MPs must be allowed to preserve their petty hatreds you see, and voting for Corbyn as PM is the kiss of death for any conservative MP (be they ever so rebellious) or the Lib Dems who are trying to set themselves up as the not Corbyn opposition.

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