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  1. UK has been negotiating with itself since Cameron opened his big, fat referendum campaign.
  2. EU concluded negotiation of the WA 17 Nov 2018 (with UK 11 Mar 2019). Much denial from "stakeholders" ensued when EU revised the IE-NI Protocol specifically to help T. May secure parliamentary approval for "meaningful vote" No. n+1 and despite EC assurances thereafter that negotiation of the WA is over. So UK continues to fish IE-NI Protocol negotiation with stale "alternative arrangements" bait --2017 "backstop" options.
  3. Art. 50 promises (I think now, this is the word some people have been avoiding) secession of the notifying party in the event of "no deal" or no unanimously agreed "A.30(3) extension period". Treaty qua contract: What consideration have the consenting parties to TEU agreed? ##Rule of law is not well understood.
  4. DICTION CORNER: to negotiate, to come to terms or reach an agreement; independent clauses. So. Witness, still, UK negotiating with itself "in accordance with its own constitutional requirements" and words of encouragement to UK from the EU gallery to fulfill its promise.

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by Cat on Fri Sep 20th, 2019 at 08:55:10 PM EST
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