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walp, The party conferences are on--as predicted by Voldemort and his dotty puppet Regina-- despite rebellion against prorogation ending 14 Oct 2019 until further notice. Jo Maugham QC has ventured Tue, 24 Sep.

Labour is now, 22-25 Sep, while SCOTUK is "poised to rule against Boris Johnson, according to the Guardian. First draw may well be fortunate for Labour to sweep the crazy bits under the rug before parliament returns to session and super critical constitutional crisis management--such as CRAFTING party platform for the poll as yet scheduled on or before expiry of the latest "A.50(3) extension period," 11.00pm on 31 January 2020.

Corbyn on collision course with Labour members over Brexit, according to Guardian

Before a crucial vote on Monday on whether the party should explicitly back remain in any election, Labour's autumn conference descended into factional rows over its Brexit policy, with rebellious MPs privately threatening another leadership challenge.

Corbyn moved to stamp his authority on Labour's Brexit position by proposing a delay to deciding how the party should campaign at a second referendum [?].

Mind the pronouns
When asked if it was in Britain's long-term interests to remain in the EU, the Labour leader suggested a Labour Brexit deal could be preferable in some circumstances: "It depends on the agreement you have with the European Union outside."

The new position caused a fresh revolt among several shadow ministers and pro-remain activists, adding to the febrile mood at the Brighton conference following an abortive attempt by Jon Lansman, the Momentum chair, to abolish Tom Watson's job as deputy leader and the resignation of Corbyn's key policy aide, Andrew Fisher.

Emily Thornberry, the shadow foreign secretary, also made clear her unhappiness with the position, saying Labour risked getting stuck in a "crusher" between leave and remain with the "walls coming in" unless it picks a side before an election. She said a new direction in favour of remain needed to be decided by activists at this conference, not in a future one after an election.
I've no idea whether UK law or "convention" would accommodate a four-day session with 5-day recess for the minority "government" conference. If no, parliament will have recovered 12 days nearly lost to MPs seeking "a deal" because of perfidious prorogation. Give us a clue.

The Conservative Party ho-down is scheduled 29 Sep-3 Oct, and its schedule of events for 100 or so conniving bastids is rich with swag and public frauds.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Mon Sep 23rd, 2019 at 03:24:31 AM EST

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