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I would point out an advantage of having a separate, non-administrative monarch. In Britain, and many other countries, there is a PM and a queen (or president), while in the US there is only a president.

That means that two important functions of national leadership can be separated in most countries. There is the pomp and circumstance part of government, with parades and fancy dress balls and photo ops and meetings with movie stars, and there is the technical working part of government, with boring committee meetings and complex behind-the-scenes policy decisionmaking. Having the Queen and her entourage on the front page of the tabloids is good, because it allows the PM to work* on actually running the government. In the US, the two jobs are combined, and the POTUS has to alternate between public relations and administration.

*Certain current PMs excluded.

by asdf on Mon Sep 23rd, 2019 at 02:24:51 PM EST
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