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Boris Johnson secretly agreed to suspend parliament in mid-August, explosive court documents reveal - nearly two weeks before denying the plan existed.

An email was sent to the prime minister and Dominic Cummings, his chief aide, entitled "Ending The Session", which says "we should prorogue" from 9 September.

It was revealed in Edinburgh's Court of Session, which is hearing a legal challenge to stop parliament being shut down for five weeks, preventing MPs making any further moves on the Brexit crisis.

Three days before the shock prorogation plan was announced last week, Downing Street strongly denied any such intention to send MPs home.

Well, yeah. So well-timed, the "sudden" decision: loads of bigwigs still swilling Chianti in Tuscany or lolling on beach towels (somewhere in the EU), while the Queen is at Balmoral far from her usual staff (and no, she thinks twitter is what birds do). So she is rapidly advised by a meeting of her Privy Council. (This does not meet where it seems to say.)

The Privy Council is a huge boondoggle of 702 members, some judiciary (it still partly functions as a high court for some cases), all supposed to advise the monarch.

Oddly, for 702 members, its quorum is 3. So only 3 people were ready and waiting to go to Balmoral and advise the Queen immediately after Bozzer's "shock" announcement: the Lord High President of the Council, who is none other than J. Ree-Smogg; the Leader of the House of Lords, Baroness Evans (curses), and the Tory Chief Whip in the Commons, Mark Spencer.

Three top Tories primed and ready to advise Her Majesty that Bojo's plan was simply wizard. The Royal Consent was given immediately.

No conflicting voices. Corbyn could have been there, he's a Privy Councillor. John Bercow could have been there to say it was a "constitutional outrage", he's a Privy Councillor. But no, it was a stitch-up from the start.

Of course it was prepared in advance.

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