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verdict: 66 senators
US Senate, 115th-116th session: 45 (D), 53 (R), 1 (VP-R)

min. gain to convict: (D) + 21

Good News!
Bill Krystol and Mitt Romney are canvassing the senate for likely votes to convict Trump.

Bill Kristol: Mitt Romney Is Ready To Help Democrats Impeach Trump
Bill Kristol: Mitt Romney Has Helped Reassure Pelosi There Is Republican Support For Impeachment  in Senate
buzz kill: Senate Republicans caught in impeachment glare

If House Democrats' impeachment ["]inquiry["] turns into an attempt to remove the president from office, Gardner and McSally will be two of the most closely watched votes. And for now no one on the Senate Republican side is even endorsing an inquiry, much less suggesting they might vote to convict the president.

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by Cat on Thu Sep 26th, 2019 at 09:26:13 PM EST
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