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The sollipsism is getting weirder.
UK's Johnson may use 'political chicanery' to bypass Brexit delay law: Ex-PM Major
if he cannot agree terms with the European Union in time for an Oct. 31 departure, former prime minister John Major said on Thursday.
Which terms? Extension period, explanation for the request, or mo' better EU customs surveillance of UK exports?
However, an alliance of opposition lawmakers and rebels from Johnson's Conservative Party forced through a law earlier this month which compels him to delay Brexit for three months if he has not agreed a deal by Oct. 19.
That authority is not part of Johnson's ahh remit under the TEU
"It is important to note that an Order of Council can be passed by Privy Councillors - that is government ministers - without involving HM (Her Majesty) The Queen," Mayor said.
Good news! The [Crown in] Parliament can change that act next week (or over the weekend!) during the Conservative Party conference, when Tory seats in chambers are sure to be emptied.

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