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Yes I did - but I still hold with the suggestion that the verdict was going to reflect the Establishment view of the Johnson Project.

So I would be surprised if there wasn't some Crown influence behind the verdict. If that's correct Johnson will be gone very soon, because the implication is that he really doesn't have the confidence or support of the Establishment, including the Crown.

Apparently something similar happened to Eden after Suez. Eden had planned to hang on, but Her Maj returned to London and had a quiet word. And he was gone.

Tangentially, it's impressive how quickly the SC put this together. It's a very clear and unambiguous judgement on a complex topic, with the input of eleven professionals, assembled over a weekend plus two working days.

by ThatBritGuy (thatbritguy (at) googlemail.com) on Tue Sep 24th, 2019 at 06:37:47 PM EST
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I'll go with that.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing, Nothing you can measure anymore
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by john_evans (john(dot)evans(dot)et(at)gmail(dot)com) on Tue Sep 24th, 2019 at 07:12:11 PM EST
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