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MPs have a democratic obligation to bring Johnson down, and bring him down now

The advice reads: "The House of Commons has more than one mechanism available to it by which it could identify an individual in whom it had confidence and communicate that view to the Queen... Those mechanisms are available, both when parliament is in session, by means of a humble address, and when it is not.

"If a majority of members of the House of Commons were to clearly identify an individual in whom the House has confidence, the Queen would invite that individual to form a new government." The process "is governed by convention [!] and those conventions will apply equally whether or not parliament has passed a no confidence vote in the government, pursuant to s. 2 FTPA."

The consequence is that MPs could have, in effect, a free hit at replacing Johnson. Or even two free hits--first, asking whether there might be a majority for Corbyn and, if not, second, whether there might be a majority for someone else. And if there has been no vote of no confidence under the FTPA then there is no risk of a general election if MPs cannot cohere around an alternative. ...

oh ho! simple majority knock at the door versus 2/3 stretch goooooooalllll
We need to reform parliamentary procedure--including that governing the suspension of parliament without its consent. We need to rethink our electoral laws which--as matters stand--meaningfully penalise only the compliant. We should revisit the FTPA. We must take up Lord Hennessy's idea of a constitutional convention [!].

An emergency government that spent six months pursuing a programme of constitutional reform at home and working to cure our Brexit-ills with a public conversation might be something around which MPs could cohere. It might take the heat out of our politics--and arrest an alarming national decline.

And there is no reason not to try. Because that which MPs have feared--a general election--they need not.

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by Cat on Mon Sep 30th, 2019 at 12:27:47 AM EST
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