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Frank:"So if you were a ChangeUK or dissident Tory MP which would you prefer - a general election or a second referendum?"

I will ask the same question of Labour. My surmise WAS that they would first hold a second referendum, then an election. But today I read in the Guardian that Corbyn wants an election, with the new government to organize a referendum.

It seems to me that a caretaker government could organize a referendum and then let the general election be held in the light of the decision of the second referendum. The problem is timing and weather, and, in any case, there is likely only time for one election before Jan 31, 2020.

Were the second referendum to favor Remain the interim government could  then formally withdraw the Article 50 request and schedule a general election as early as seems prudent next spring. Were the referendum to favor Leave the interim government could negotiate the best deal it could for an orderly exit, sign the agreement and then call an election.

The above described process can thus guarantee an orderly process in either eventuality and avoid a 'no deal' Brexit. If a general election is called before a second referendum it will be up to the voters as to whether there might still be a no deal Brexit. If they want that they can vote for the Leave Tories and Boris has shown he is happy to crash out of the EU.

I would like to hear the opinions of those more familiar with the UK and UK politics.

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